Winona Lake Council approves 4-Way Stop

A four-way stop for an alley between Court and Canal streets was approved Tuesday by the Winona Lake Town Council.

Residents in the area have complained of blind spots in the alley and feared children may be in danger from speeding motorists who use the alley to bypass one-way streets on the island.

Last month, several residents who live near the alley objected to the idea of a four-way stop. They argued the town should block access to the east–west alley between the two streets.

Vince Swanson, who spoke for the group of homeowners last month, said he was concerned about encouraging people to drive in an area that comes so close to his house.

Jerry Nelson, another resident of the island, said he supported the stop sign plan.

“I live in this town full time, and if the one-way street is blocked, it’s the only way to get my house,” Nelson said.