Former Warsaw Mayor celebrated at City Hall open house

A former Warsaw Mayor’s legacy is being celebrated.

Jeff Plank and his wife will be moving in a few weeks to a small Northwest Indiana town, so Mayor Joe Thallemer organized an open house to remember the nearly 20 years that Plank served as a councilman and mayor.

Plank’s accomplishments include the widening of Ind. 15 North, the extension of sewer services, and transforming the old Center Lakes ball fields into Central Park.

The Times Union reports Mayor Thallemer calls plank a visionary.

“He stood his ground and he implemented the things he wanted to implement and people respected that,” Thallemer explains. “A lot of the things he did made it easier for the next mayor and the next mayor to build on.”

An open house for former Mayor Jeff Plank was held Monday at Warsaw’s City Hall. Plank was mayor from 1984 until 1997.