Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill criticized for lavish spending

Former Elkhart County official and current Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is under scrutiny over busget questions.

Hill has reportedly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on office renovations and a new state vehicle, according to a report in the Indianapolis Star.

His six-room statehouse office is getting a makeover to the tune of about $279,000, according to invoices. That includes new furniture, an historic replica painting, and seven reclaimed chandeliers.

State budget leaders say his moves were excessive.

He also purchased a $30,000 15-passenger van that can serve as a mobile office, complete with $667 worth of graphics featuring his name.

One Republican lawmaker points out that during the budget process, the Attorney General was “screaming at” him about not having enough money to run his office.

Some supporters say several of the improvements in the office were made for safety reasons.