Warsaw High School renovations progressing

Above is a rendering of the future entranace at Warsaw Community High School. Artwork provided.
News Release

WARSAW — The renovation project at Warsaw Community High School is progressing.

The multi-phase construction project began in the fall of 2022, with the final phase scheduled to be completed by the end of 2024.

During the March board work session on Tuesday, Performance Services, Inc. provided an
update on the school’s front entry construction project.

After four years of development and design iteration and through a competitive selection process, PSI was selected to partner on this progressive design-build project. Together a plan was developed to meet WCS’s goals within the budget that satisfies the community’s expectations without tax impact.

The project renovations include a new front entrance, improved circulation, updated classrooms, and the addition of more collaborative spaces for students.

The current phase of the project is ahead of schedule and under budget, officials said.

The entrance will create a new, clearly identifiable secure main entry and improved student circulation throughout the building and campus.

Through the renovation, WCS is focusing on the safety and security of all students and limiting the entry points for visitors to secure office vestibules. The new entry will provide increased security as parents and community members will have one distinct point of entry.

After touring the construction project, Haydin Rodriguez, WCHS senior shared, “I feel like
putting the counselor’s offices by the main offices is a really good idea. That was a necessary change.”

Benjamin Booren, a sophomore added, “I agree. Relocating the offices to the front will make it a lot easier for students and parents to locate administrators and counselors when they are needed. That will help with safety too.”

Keely Roe, WCHS student body president stated, “It was an honor to see the construction
project. Although there have been minor hindrances to our normal routine because of the
construction, the payoff from the project will be well worth it. Although I will not be able to
experience the new project as a student, I am most excited to see how many of the
collaborative spaces will be used.

“The updated look in Tiger Central will be amazing for meetings and activities of our clubs and student groups,” she said.

Dr. David Hoffert, WCS superintendent added, “WCS is grateful to our local community for the support of upgrades to WCHS. The high school now has over 30 years of continual usage. The updates being completed include a safe and secure front entrance, new classrooms, updates of all existing classrooms, traffic flow management (internal and external) along with new technological wiring. We are grateful to have completed this project through detailed planning to ensure proper timing and without a tax impact to our local community.”