Warsaw man proposes reconsideration of residential chicken ordinance

James Cress, of Warsaw, talked about resurrecting an ordinance that would allow chickens in residential backyards in Warsaw during Monday's city council meeting. News Now Warsaw photo  by Dan Spalding.

By Dan Spalding
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW — Could the city of Warsaw reopen the debate over backyard chickens?

The last time they debated — and defeated the notion — it was 2014.

 On Monday, a city resident – James Cress – proposed the city reconsider the idea, saying much as changed in the past dozen or so years.

“I know we could work together,” Cress said. “I know a lot of the things people have too complain about is the noise and smell and a I know there a ways to regulate that like areas around us do.”

Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer pointed out that one of the chief concerns back then came from commercial duck and poultry industry officials who worried that backyard operators could add exacerbate the then-existent bird flu out break.

“I know that was the No. 1 concern at the time. I don’t know if that’s changed,” Thallemer said.

Thallemer, whose term in office concludes in about ten weeks, suggested city council’s president could consider such an ordinance.